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Lisa Allen

Lead Vocals

Lisa studied classical voice in the bel canto style under dramatic tenor Carl Franzen at the Franzen Opera Studio. After performing in many local musical theater productions and classical concerts, she entered the world of live band performance and was hooked!

She possesses a four-octave vocal range and embraces the challenge of singing across a variety of musical genres. Her powerful, resonant voice and energetic performance style keeps audiences entertained! After singing primarily male material in a few different bands, Lisa was inspired to create a female tribute concept that would be both irresistible and diverse - Glory! When she is not singing, you might find her training at the gym or working as a library page. She is incredibly grateful to all the musicians in Glory for embarking on this journey of 100% Girl Music!

Magdalena Velasquez

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

Originally a Southern California girl, Maggie has called the Bay Area home for 35 years. Given the gift of music in elementary school, the violin, choir and appreciation of music consumed her world. She feels fortunate to have enjoyed some of the greatest decades in music and her taste in music includes Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and the greatest Philharmonic Orchestras from around the globe. Remember Bjork?


Maggie discovered the stage later in life and her ten wonderful years in community theater were a real adventure! As an alto, she enjoyed several principal roles..... sometimes without a microphone and learned the art of projection. Theater introduced a friendship that would carry her through to the world of Rock n Roll.  A classic rock and two eighties  bands have provided lots of excitement to push her forward into this latest endeavor with Glory. Maggie's performance style will make you call for MORE! She thanks her many muses throughout her life for the tools they provided leading up to this very moment in life. ROCK N ROLL!

Andrew Berger

Lead Guitar

Andrew has been playing guitar since the age of nine. He participated in his high school's jazz band and was the standout guitarist in his district. He has also played the national anthem at a football game and has played in various talent shows for fundraising events. His seemingly effortless technique is truly inspiring to behold! Andrew is currently attending college studying Math and Music, and also teaches guitar. He continues to hone his skills in multiple genres of music under the tutelage of veteran bay area guitarist, Russ Pettit. In his free time you may find him at local open blues jams.

Don Dias


​Don is​ ​a native to the Bay Area. His first paying gig was playing ​guitar for his Grandfather’s combo and it was onward and upward from there!  He toured with Granddad's band, Banjo Bingo, throughout the Florida Keys, playing a variety of instruments from the ukulele to the accordion. At one fateful gig in Islamorada, Don's ability to moonwalk while performing caused him to accidentally fall off the stage and into the sea, where he was summarily stung repeatedly by a bloom of aggressive box jellyfish.


This incident convinced Don to return to the Bay Area, where he found work playing the double contrabass flute at a clothing-optional cabaret club in Concord. Unfortunately, a small but well organized group of displaced Cambodian Buddhist monks repeatedly protested the club, causing it to close down. Inspired by their peaceful tenacity, Don took a vow of silence and went into seclusion for six years and six days to contemplate his future as a musician. He eventually found the instrument of his destiny, the keyboards, and to this day, loves the challenge of being able to combine analogue and digital sounds.*

*Our keyboard player prefers to keep his experience shrouded in secrecy. We hope you enjoyed his (mostly) fictitious bio!

Brady Fishler


Brady Fishler is a native Bay Area drummer who started playing drums professionally at age 13. He has worked in many different settings including Studio Work, Corporate Functions, Club Shows, Weddings, and TV and Radio shows with some of the best musicians in the Bay Area. He is also owner and Master Instructor of Brady's Drum Studio in Campbell, California. He has been teaching drums to the South Bay and beyond for over 26 years. 

Tim Kirby

Bass Guitar

Tim is a multi-instrumentalist transplant from Wisconsin (go Packers!) who started playing bass at a young age when he realized he felt the groove.  Learning off Parliament Funkadelic, Iron Maiden, and Charles Mingus records, Tim found his home over the last thirty years in the rhythm section of bands all over the south bay.  He attended the music program at SJSU, and has enjoyed playing everything from jazz to metal to world music.            

B. Kinya Pollard

Guest Artist: Harmonica

B.Kinya Pollard learned in the 70’s that playing the harmonica in a rock band was significantly more hip than playing the Eb Sousaphone Tuba in the marching band. For numerous years, Kinya has been seen and heard playing and teaching the Diatonic, Chromatic and DM48 midi harmonicas throughout the Bay Area.


From Germany to Japan, Kinya is known as the Harpsmith -- instructing serious harmonica players about harmonica maintenance and customization. His video instructions and forums can be found at David Barrett’s


Glory is delighted to have Kinya join us as an occasional guest artist!

Fred Vierra

Guest Artist: Keyboards

Fred Vierra has a wealth of experience, playing with more than 50 different bands over the years, including a variety of tribute bands commemorating the Doors, Credence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison, and Steppenwolf, to name a few. He has played with Quicksilver Messenger and Missing Persons, participated in the San Francisco’s Summer of Love concert, and has been on tour to Japan.


Fred specializes in and favors the big, psychedelic sound from the 60s and synth pop from the 80s. He uses a variety of tricks and tools on his keyboard rig to accomplish all the various piano sounds, strings, horns and other unique noises, including a Korg CX3, a midi trigger board, wav files and a laptop. He provides a curtain of chords to back up the band and produces a rich, full sound.


Glory has given Fred the opportunity to play a great selection of women’s music. Glory is grateful to have Fred as our go-to keyboard sub! We always are confident when we know Fred will be playing with us!

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