Lisa Allen
Founder/Lead Vocals


Lisa studied classical voice in the bel canto style under dramatic tenor Carl Franzen at the Franzen Opera Studio in San Jose, California. After performing in many local musical theater productions and classical concerts, she entered the world of live band performance and was hooked!

She possesses a four-octave vocal range and embraces the challenge of singing across a variety of musical genres. Her powerful, resonant voice and energetic performance style keeps audiences entertained! After singing primarily male material in a few different bands, Lisa was inspired to create a female tribute concept that would be both marketable and unique - Glory! When she is not singing, you might find her working or training at the gym or chilling with her three dogs. She is incredibly grateful to the talented musicians of Glory for embarking upon this journey to bring 100% girl music to Jacksonville, Florida!

Magdalena Velasquez
Lead Vocals, Harmonies


Originally a Southern California girl, Maggie is thrilled to call Jacksonville her new home! Given the gift of music in elementary school, the violin, choir and appreciation of music consumed her world. She feels fortunate to have enjoyed some of the greatest decades in music and her taste in music includes Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and the greatest Philharmonic Orchestras from around the globe. 


Maggie discovered the stage later in life and her ten wonderful years in community theater were a real adventure! As an alto, she enjoyed several principal roles..... sometimes without a microphone and learned the art of projection. Theater introduced a friendship with Lisa Allen that would carry her to the world of Rock n Roll.  A classic rock and two eighties  bands have provided lots of excitement to push her forward into this latest endeavor with Glory. Maggie's performance style will make you call for MORE! She thanks her many muses throughout her life for the tools they provided leading up to this very moment in life. ROCK N ROLL!

Heading 1

Pete "BamBam" Boglino


Pete, aka “BamBam” was born in Long Island, New York.  He began playing drums at age six in the elementary school band and continued through junior high school band. He was inspired by the rock bands of the day, including Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. 


He has lived all over New York State, in Pennsylvania, finally landing in Florida. Over the years he has performed in a variety of bands of many genres including blues, funk, R & B, soul, dance, disco, rock, latin and country.  Most recently, he greatly enjoyed six years in the Florida Keys playing several nights a week with four different bands. 


Pete has proudly been playing drums for 55 years! He brings a wealth of experience and talent to Glory. His longtime muse is John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.


Mitch Biskup
Bass Guitar

Mitch BW.heic

Mitch grew up in the rich, diverse music scene of South Florida, playing bass professionally starting at just 16 years old. He had the opportunity to perform in clubs from his hometown of Fort Lauderdale throughout Miami and the Florida Keys. These hotspots included Fontainbleau Hotel, The Diplomat, Marlin Beach, The Button, Playpen South, Bachelors 3, and Yankee Clipper hotels, just to name a few. In those days, show bands, costumes and themed song sets were hot and Mitch enjoyed working in this environment for a decade.


Mitch put music on a backburner for many years to pursue a career in business management and ownership, and he eventually moved to North Florida. When he was ready to return to his first love of music, he pulled out his vintage gear, and began to study music theory. He had the opportunity to gig with his music teacher and found himself immersed in the music scene once again! He was recruited to join several bands in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, and finally settled in with a group called Rumble Street, and he performed with them at many events for years, including Daytona Bike Week and Biketoberfest.


Rumble Street parted ways in 2019 and Mitch played occasionally, waiting for the right group of musicians that might offer an exciting new opportunity. He found Lisa and Maggie and accepted the offer to join Glory. He loves the concept of Glory and is pleased to be part of the project!

Paul Flaherty


Originally from the Boston area, and a resident of Florida for 20 years, Paul has been performing music for most of his life. While taking lessons and studying music at UMass Boston, Paul was strongly influenced by Rock and Popular Blues music of the day. Early projects include the original music of ETA, and the 8 piece horn band Arcade. Paul established a style of keyboards that blended harmonies and melodies to complement the array of talents in the band.


Paul was a part of the Crossroads Band of Miami, Rock, Funk, Soul and Blues band. In Jacksonville, he can also be seen with Mr Bside, a piano guitar duo playing small venues. In addition to keyboards, Paul also provides back up vocals, and an occasional harmonica.


Paul is thrilled to be playing with Glory. When you see a musician on stage for an hour, there are hundreds of more hours behind it working with the band. The privilege of playing with the talented members of this band and sharing the vision make all the effort worth it. There is no greater thrill than to play for our fans.

Steve Nesbit
Lead Guitar

Steve BW.heic

Steve grew up in Virginia, went to college in West Virginia, and spent his professional years in

Pennsylvania as a college professor. In 2021, he retired his chalk and snow shovel and moved to Florida.


Steve has been playing the guitar for over 20 years and performed with several different cover and wedding bands. His music education consisted of  many lessons from the music faculty at Lafayette College where he used to work.  His first professional gig was with a Conway Twitty tribute band. He got the gig because no one else wanted it! He was woefully underqualified at the time, but learned a great deal from the experience which translated to all his subsequent bands. This taught him a powerful lesson about seizing opportunity regardless of circumstance. He most enjoys playing high energy music, such as 70’s and 80’s dance, funk, R&B, and disco. His  longest tenure band was “Flirtin Wit Mamma” which played the type of dance music he prefers. However, he has also played classic rock, country, dance, pop, and some jazz.  He greatly enjoys the challenge of learning new songs and working them to performance level with his bandmates.


He is an avid hiker and cyclist, and a self-described frustrated surfer. He enjoys going to the beach, working on his car and hanging out with his attention-seeking cats as he practices guitar. Becoming a part of "Glory" has been an exceptionally rewarding experience due to the vision and talent of his fellow bandmates.